Applique and Puff

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Rising inflation, recession and all other economic issues are taking a major toll on businesses. Customers too try to save every cent they can. Applique is one form of embroidery that is affordable as well as attractive.  This type of embroidery allows for a reduction in the amount of stitches needed to cover an area because the process uses cut pieces of fabric to cover an area of the material rather than filling the area with stitches. Thus, the stitch count is considerably reduced.

applique embroidery digitizing by Digitizing-Stitches UK USA Canada

This appliqué process is not just economically affordable for your customers either — it’s highly fashionable and becoming increasingly popular!

Applique is one of the services that Digitizing Stitches is proud to provide its customers.

Interested in other ways to entice your customers with embroidery that really stands out?

3D Puff embroidery Applique Embroidery Digitizing serviceDigitizing Stitches also offers Puff embroidery that creates a 3D look that will boldly stand out from the ordinary and average. Foam underling is used to give the embroidery a three-dimensional effect. Even though the stitch count does increase in this process, it is a great solution for those customers who are looking for their design to really pop and less concerned with keeping stitch count to a minimum.

Digitizing Stitches offers Puff embroidery at no extra cost. This allows you to offer the great option of Puff embroidery to your customers without increasing the cost of digitizing to your business.